Our Photo & Video Services

Commercials & Ads

Showcase your products or services and promote your brand’s culture through professional commercials, multi-channel marketing, and advertising created to resonate with your target customers. We handle the entire creative process from concept through delivery of photos and videos designed to drive real business results.

Live Events

High-quality live event photo & video documentation takes a deep understanding of what matters most to you. Whether it’s live sports, concerts, philanthropy, or corporate-type events, our photos and videos make memorable recaps and powerful marketing tools you can use to enhance your social media presence, advertise your company, and connect with your audience.

Tourism Promos

We capture the wanderlust-inducing moments that ignite your inner explorer. We paint vibrant stories of travel and exploration, bringing destinations to life through the lens. Our dedication to authentic experiences ensures that every photo or video captures the essence of a place, inviting viewers to wander and discover.

Sports & Activities

From heart-pounding moments to the camaraderie of team play, we capture the essence of athleticism and excitement. Whether you’re an athlete or a brand seeking to engage with a high-energy audience, our videos convey the adrenaline and passion that fuel these experiences.

Drone & Aerial

Showcase any real-estate properties, construction sites, events, products/services, sceneries (and more) with high-quality aerial videos and photos you can add to your marketing assets. With experience supporting commercial & residential real estate, construction, and tourism organizations, we understand what footage you need.

Outdoors & Lifestyle

Immerse your audience in the heart of adventure with our premier outdoors and lifestyle content production capabilities. If your products and/or services align with active and outdoors lifestyles, we craft compelling visuals that resonate with nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

“Beyond the exceptional quality, what truly stood out was the amazing service provided by Erin. He is not only a skilled professional but also incredibly friendly and accommodating.”

- Mitchell J

“As a private equity investment company, our clients and partners expected institutional quality results. The aerial videos and photos received were used in all levels of our marketing process. For efficient and quality results we will definitely be using Big Mountains Guy in the future!”

- Garrett N.

Erin produces content second to none. His camera prowess expands beyond nature as I’ve taken him up on a few gym shoots as well. He’s got a keen eye for any aesthetic you throw at him and he’ll give you exactly what you’re looking for.

- Keoni A.

“If you like or need portraits taken, go with this guy. He’s also got a real passion for nature and photography unlike any other. Hoping to purchase additional prints in the future.”

- James S.

“Erin’s attention to detail and ability to find creative angles resulted in a collection of stunning images that exceeded our expectations. His sense of humor and warm personality made us feel relaxed and at ease throughout the entire process.”

- Josh D.

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